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Louise and Gilles are delighted that you are considering to visit Three Pines.

We invite you to discover the charming villages and beautiful sights of the Eastern Townships that have inspired Louise Penny to write such great novels for us.

Louise & Gilles

Let us take you on this journey through fabled Three Pines and follow what inspired Louise to write The Brutal Telling, How The Light Gets In, Dead Cold, The Cruelest Month, Still Life and The Murder Stone…etc. Unearth the canvas where Armand, Clara, Myrna, Ruth, Gabri, Olivier, and Reine-Marie come to life in the printed word.

The tour comprises a mélange of locations that have triggered Louise’s imagination and will captivate yours too. This full day tour is presented in five Chapters.

A day of discovery:

The Three Pines Inspirational Trail
. . .

Chapter One:

The inspiration for A Beautiful Mystery, the Saint-Gilbert-entre-les-Loups Monastery is a beautiful site, overlooking a grand lake, surrounded by gorgeous mountains and an apple orchard. Your visit will include time to browse the gift shop which showcases their award winning cheeses and possibly hear the Gregorian chants.

Chapter Two:

Manoir Bellechasse, featured in The Murder Stone and where Armand and Reine-Marie go each year for their anniversary. Soak in the grandeur of this beautiful historical Relais & Châteaux property on the shores of a lake originally named by the first nation. This could be a lunch stop as well.

Chapter Three:

A picturesque village on Lake Memphremagog is the inspiration for The Cruellest Month and the site of the ‘Old Hadley House’ featured in several books. Mr. Beliveau’s General Store and Saint-Thomas Church will also be part of your discovery. This could be a lunch stop.

Chapter Four:

The hearth of Three Pines, a village with a rich and fascinating heritage, colourful Victorian architecture, quaint shops and restaurants. A canvas of inspiration and of murder-solving for Armand. Your local raconteur will greet you and reveal the village’s heritage molded by both French immigrants and British Loyalists. Jane’s painting from Still Life featured in the movie Fair Days, awaits us, amongst other unique artifacts in the historical museum. We continue onward to meet Lucy and Dany who are ready to welcome us with their big smiles (and shelves full of Louise’s books) at the famous Brome Lake Books.

Chapter Five:

In a nearby village, nestled in gorgeous scenery, for a moment time stands still. Let’s relax as Armand, Clara, Myrna, Ruth and Reine-Marie do regularly, and have a little wine and cheese.


This exclusive experience follows Louise Penny’s inspiration for Three Pines and in Gamache’s footsteps.

Three Pines Tour:
This exclusive experience follows Louise Penny’s inspiration for Three Pines and in Gamache’s footsteps.

All Chapters $375 cdn (approx $275 usd) / person, full day

Prices are subject to local taxes.
Montreal departure are possible. See the FAQ section for more info.

  • Tour transportation
  • Your accompanying raconteur
  • Afternoon amuse-bouches
  • All admissions and visits listed in the chapters
  • Taxes
  • Travel Insurance
  • Lunch
  • Gratuities
  • Shopping treasures
  • Accommodations

Geographically speaking, where does the tour take place?

The tour takes place in the Eastern Townships. The townships are located approximately the same distance from Montreal as it is from Burlington, Vermont (approx.. 1h30 minutes). Québec City is 3h00 away from the Townships. See the map at the very end of the Web site.

When does the tours operate?

From May 1st to Mid-October. The visited sites are pretty much closed outside these dates.

How can we find out about availability?

Please call us at 450-242-2209 or email us at info@threepinestours.com. Please give us your possible dates and the number of people that intend to participate. We also need to know if there are any physical restrictions.

How does the billing work?

An electronic invoice will be sent to you 60 days prior to your visit. You can pay with VISA or MASTERCARD through PayPal/QuickBooks. Bank transfers are not possible for the US.

What is your cancellation policy?

100% refundable within 60 days of the date tour. Non-refundable once invoiced. Non-refundable once invoiced, unless you opt for our «no question asked» cancellation option. The cost of the option is $25 CAN. Please refer to your invoice prior to payment.

Can we reserve a Hotel in Montreal and drive the day of the tour?

Yes, but keep in mind that Montreal is 1h30 from the start of the tour. You must be in the Knowlton area at 7h45 AM, so you would have to leave quite early from Montreal. We strongly recommend staying in the area. If you do, we can pick you up at where you are staying in the area.

Can we customize our tour?

No, you cannot. The tour includes all five chapters and runs from 8 AM to 5 PM. However, tour operators only can inquire about custom tours.

Can we have fewer chapters in one day?

Yes, you can if all parties in the Van are from the same family/friends and if we are informed in advance. However, the price would remain the same.

Where does the tour originate?

The tour originates from the Hillhouse B&B in Lac Brome.

Where do you suggest we stay while in the Townships?

As the owner of the Hillhouse B&B we would be happy to host you. As a bonus, the tour begins at our B&B! If we are unable to accommodate you, we would be happy to refer you to other local Aubergistes.

Can you provide a pick-up in Montreal the day of the tour?

Yes. Please contact our local partner QUEB taxi at 450-243-6000. Please keep in mind that the departure point for the tour is 1h30 from downtown Montreal. Please be ready for an early pick-up (6h15).

Can you provide a pick-up at the Montreal Airport?

Yes it is possible by contacting our local partner QUEB taxi at the following number 450-243-6000. The said pick-up cannot however be on the same day of the tour.

What type of vehicle are we driven in?

You will be driven around in a very comfortable 8-seater van, but we never seat more than 5 people at a time, unless it is a single group of 6 or 7 people.

How much does the tour cost?

$375 cdn (approx $275 usd) + $25 cdn (cancellation option) / per person.

Can you accommodate larger groups of people?

Yes we can. Please call us to inquire about a custom tour.

Should we reserve for diner the day of the tour?

It is our experience that most tour goers do not or cancel their dinner reservation on the day of the tour. We cannot tell you why, without spoiling some of the chapter’s secrets, but let’s just say that a dinner is most often not necessary!

Should we pay our raconteur a gratuity?

We strongly encourage you to do so as they are professional people that take their work very seriously.
Where to


As the owner of the Hillhouse B&B we would be happy to accomodate you. Otherwise, please ask us for recommendations as we will be happy to help you find the perfect fit.

Give-back to

Three Pines

Why not make a difference while you visit by donating a children’s book; English or French. Your books will be donated to a Reading to an Animal program of “Mains dans la Mains” This is an activity for children with reading difficulties. The non-judgment of the animal allows the child to reduce his stress when faced with challenges and to experiment small victories. This promotes self-esteem and allows the child to open up more and lessen his discomfort with reading.




Local wineries

Taste the region

The region of Three Pines is the birthplace of Quebec’s viticulture. It features 22 vineyards that offer delicious rosés to strong reds and let’s not forget ice cider made from Quebec apples. Walk through the grapevines and soak in the great scenery. Tastings and tours are offered by most wineries.


Cruise on Lake Memphremagog

Cruising Away

Cruise magnificent Lake Memphremagog aboard a luxury yacht and be seduced by the scenery.

Enjoy a delicious lunch. Three hours from beginning to end.


Eastern Townships

Things to Do

There are many good reasons to plan an outing to the Townships!

Sports, nature and outdoor activities, arts, culture and heritage, events, festivals and more!


Day Tours

Let yourself be driven around to taste the region

Ride along on a full day tour that is sure to entertain and delight! or choose a short walking tour to discover the history of Knowlton!

There are many good reasons to plan an outing to the Townships!

Sports, nature and outdoor activities, arts, culture and heritage, events, festivals and more!

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